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What do we do? – Tax Recovery Inc

Tax Recovery Inc apply various tax laws and recent folio changes that might favour your tax situation to get you a favourable result. We understand that tax laws and provisions can be hard to understand. We are here to help you and do the necessary work on your behalf. Furthermore, As your authorized representatives with Canda Revenue Agency, we make sure that they get all the information regarding your taxes in a timely manner.  

  • We check your eligibility for all the tax credits and deductions, if they are correctly applied on your taxes.
  • In some scenarios we prepare your unfiled tax returns and submit them to CRA.
  • We conduct tax law research for any tax complications that may arise. We help you in tax planning to minimize your future tax laibility.
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    For our reviews, no fee will be charged if your amendment is not approved. Pricing for Tax returns varies and is based on the complexity of the return but we will inform you of the price beforehand. For all other services please click on “Contact us” to inquire about the prices.

    We strive for you to be involved in the process throughout