Tax Recovery Inc provides a solution to both your accounting and tax requirements at one place. We serve both individual and corporate taxpayers. For individuals, we recover backdated taxes and any pending tax filings while evaluating their tax situation in the 10 years. For corporations, we help with tax planning and filing requirements. For a full list of services, please click on the service tab above.

What do we do?

We apply various tax laws and recent folio changes that might favour your tax situation to get you a favourable result. We understand that law provisions can be hard to understand and see if they apply to your situation. We are here to help you and do the necessary work on your behalf regarding this. Furthermore, As your authorized representatives with CRA, we deal with them so CRA can get all the information in a timely manner and send you the refund.  

  • We see that all the deductions and credits are applied correctly on your taxes. 
  • In case of unfiled tax years, we prepare your taxes and submit them to CRA.. 
  • We conduct research regarding any tax issues that you might face. We help you in tax planning to reduce the future impact on your taxes.

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Did You Know?

For our reviews, no fee will be charged if your amendment is not approved. Pricing for Tax returns varies and is based on the complexity of the return but we will inform you of the price beforehand. For all other services please click on “Contact us” to inquire about the prices.

We strive for you to be involved in the process throughout