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What we do for you!

Tax refunds and tax returns: all your pending tax work for the past 10 year is completed.

Reviews: We conduct reviews to see if you are due a refund from CRA.

CRA correspondence: you don’t need to bother about the forms and documents submissions to CRA, everything will be taken care of by us.

Maximizing refunds:We double check everything for you to ensure that you have received the maximum refund in all past 10 years.

For tax preparation fee, please contact us. Our fee for Reviews is a percentage (30%) of the value of the refund. We will confirm the fee before starting the process. It is due after you receive the refund, so you are not paying out of your pocket.

Refunds can take anywhere between a few days to several weeks to get issued once an adjustment is filed with CRA on your behalf.

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Intake Form for Individual Taxpayers

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Intake Form for Individual Taxpayers

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Intake Form for Individual Taxpayers

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Intake Form for Individual Taxpayers

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Why work with us?

At Tax Recovery Inc. we understand the complexities of your tax returns. We review your tax file with CRA to see if you have overpaid your taxes or have unfiled tax years. We find any missed credits or deductions that have led to a reduced refund. We apply the appropriate credits to increase the value of the refund. So no matter what your tax situation is, be it to file the unfiled taxes or double check the already filed taxes, we help you with the best tax expertise.

While filing your taxes, we apply the right credits and deductions applicable to your tax situation. With us, you will be in safe hands.

We try to address all your concerns before we go ahead with the process. We want to build long lasting relationships with our clients as their trusted business partners and authorized representatives so we cater to our clients every tax need.

You receive the refund first and then you can pay us!

Our fee for the review is 30% of the refund and is due once you receive the refund from the adjustment we filed for you. For tax return preparation fee, please contact us.

The process usually takes a week to complete. At this point we will file the amendment. CRA can take anywhere between two weeks to several weeks to approve the amendment.

Our tax specialists work in your best interest to get you additional refunds from CRA. We inform you beforehand of the estimated value of the refund.