The Process

We strive to provide you with a complete accounting and tax solutions package. We conduct a full review of your existing tax returns. We aim for complete satisfaction for all our clients

Our specialized and skilled tax professionals undertake the difficult task of reviewing and filing your claims with the government.


After your initial contact we will answer any questions/concerns that you might have. You can also directly apply for our services by clicking on “Get started” above. After you fill out the intake form, 2 forms will be generated which will require your signatures.


Once a completed form is received, we will begin your review process. We do not require copies of your past tax returns from you.


We will contact you with the outcome and inform you of any refund opportunities that we found on your tax returns. If you wish to proceed we will file the amendment. For filing tax returns, we will prepare the tax returns and inform you of the available payment options.


When CRA approves your refund, we will send you an invoice for our services which will be 30% of the refund value. CRA can take anywhere between two weeks to several months to issue your refund to you. You will get the refund directly from CRA via cheque or direct deposit.