Tax recovery

Client Agreement

I, hereby agree to enter into this agreement to let Tax Recovery Inc. represent myself with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to conduct a detailed review of filed and unfiled tax returns with CRA, which could include making adjustments and filing unfiled taxes with CRA in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Tax Recovery Inc will act as an authorized representative for the Client with CRA. Hereinafter, the refund will be termed as the value of the amendment approved by CRA filed by Tax Recovery. Refund includes both the amount that the client receives from CRA as well as the amount transferred to pay the client's outstanding debt with CRA and other government agencies.

Terms and conditions are:

1. The Client agrees to provide us with the information we request in a timely manner and all information they provide to us must be truthful and accurate. Any inaccuracies with respect to the information may negatively affect our ability to conduct the work necessary to complete the review as well as your ability to obtain the refund.
2. Unless previously advised to the client, We will not charge any upfront fee from the client when we conduct the review for the client. No fee will be charged if we are not able to obtain a refund for the client. If we are able to get a refund for the client from the amendment that we file, the client will owe us 30% of the refund value.
3. We retain the right to terminate this agreement If we determine that CRA will not approve the amendment or are unable to find the refund for the client no fee will be charged and this agreement will be terminated. The client will be informed with a prior notice.
4. In the event of nonpayment by the client, where the amendment that we filed was approved and the refund was issued/applied to the client's previous debt with CRA, the client agrees to pay any collection fee that we may incur to recover the payment due.
5. Our maximum liability shall be limited to the amount of fee paid by the Client to us in connection with the refunds generated for the client.
6. We will not disclose or use any confidential Information obtained or received from the client, except as authorized by the Client.
7. We provide no guarantee that the maximum amount of refunds quoted to the client before the amendment is filed will be generated. We make no warranties or representations as to the products/services, except as set forth above, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and noninfringement, are hereby disclaimed. In executing this Agreement, you acknowledge that you have understood, reviewed and inquired regarding all the terms and conditions contained in this document.

Authorize a Representative – signature page

1. Print this page and have it signed and dated by the taxpayer or legal representative.
2. Retain a copy of the signed and dated signature page in your files for six years from the date that this information is transmitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Do not send the signature page to CRA by mail or fax unless requested to do so.

Taxpayer information

First name
Last name

Representative information and authorization

Representative ID:
First Name:
Last Name:
X Business
Firm BN:
Business name:
Group ID:
Group name:
Level of authorization (1 or 2):

Level 1: View only, allows the CRA to only disclose information to the representative
Level 2: View and update, allows the CRA to disclose information and accept changes made by the representative

Level of authorization (1 or 2):

Signature and date
I am the legal representative for this taxpayer.
By signing and dating this page, you authorize the Canada Revenue Agency to interact with the representative mentioned above.

Name of taxpayer or legal representative

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Signature of taxpayer or legal representative
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Date of signature